Visits to Local Hospitals

St. Petersburg Psychiatric Hospital №1 named after P.P. Kashchenko was founded in 1909 by one of the outstanding psychiatrists of Russia and is named after him now. The hospital was built on the territory of P.G. Demidov's manor complex, which included a palace, numerous buildings located in an English park around an man-made lake. Throughout its history, the hospital has met the most modern and advanced requirements for equipment and the formation of therapeutic space. Since the 1970s, rehabilitation has been the core of the hospital's treatment activities. At present, the Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in the city. The inpatient part of the hospital is designed for more than 1,300 beds. For many years the hospital has been actively developing biopsychosocial and polyprofessional approaches to treatment and actively introducing new treatment and rehabilitation technologies. The main clinical base of the hospital is located on the territory of about 250 hectares in the park, where more than 100 buildings and structures are located, forming an autonomous hospital complex. In 2007, a unique psychosocial rehabilitation center was opened in the hospital, which united the previously existing and newly organized services – psychological laboratory, psychotherapy unit, art studio, social service, music studio, choreography studio, gyms and fitness center, library, theater studio, labor workshops and ergotherapy rooms, hairdresser's. Currently, the hospital provides all types of psychiatric care, including outpatient psychiatric care of varying degrees of intensity (psychotherapy center, psychoneurological dispensary, day care centers, acute care outpatient department). In 2017, the hospital was recognized as the best psychiatric institution in Russia.