Instructions for the speakers of the WPA Congress

The online congress combines several presentation formats.


1) Online performance

Online participation is a performance from a remote computer. Speakers are connected via the Zoom program.

In advance (1-2 days before the event), specialists call each online speaker to conduct a test connection. This is necessary to train the speaker to use the program, and if he can, then check the quality of his Internet connection, web camera and sound.


The online speaker receives an email on the eve of the event with a link for their online speech. At the time of the speech, it is displayed on the screen so that the moderator and other speakers can see it and communicate with it.


2) Recording of the speech

If the speaker does not have the opportunity to speak on the appointed day and hour, they can send a recording of their report in advance. Recording format - MP4.

The record must be sent strictly by May 07, 2021.